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geoff: there is no time. craig: let's just get this done. geoff: i think we should take a time-out. [laughter] i'm taking a time-out. craig: good night, everybody. good night. [applause]
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. tonight at 11, we're learning about a story that might turn your stomach.
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a little girl in philadelphia kidnapped from her school and raped. a suspect has been arrested. it turns out she has local ties. >> again, this is a woman. 19-year-old graduate from spring book high school in montgomery county. -- spring brook high school in montgomery county. >> reporter: the crime happened last month, but now the arrest of 19-year-old kristina rugustas have her facing charges. the evidence they have on her is damning. >> i'm pleased that we made this progress, but i also want to just be cautiously optimistic that this is over. >> reporter: former dc police chief, now philadelphia's top cop is talking about the rest of 19-year-old kristina regusters. investigators say the surveillance video shows regusters pretending to the child's mother and kidnapping the 5-year-old from her elementary school back in january. after an 18-hour ordeal, the girl was found on a playground.
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>> she was subjected to a great deal of trauma, yet she was able to be a good witness and help us. >> reporter: the child told investigators she was taken to a house two blocks away from her school where she was sexually assaulted and held. it was at that house where they found the graduate and arrested her. among the clues given to police, she spoke of a talking bird inside the house. but the charges including among other things, kidnapping, aggravated assault and rape. >> she'll be in jail for a long, long time. >> reporter: her facebook page shows a picture of her with her track team. now they want to find whoever else played a role in this. >> more people were responsible for what happened to this girl than just the 19-year-old that was arrested yesterday. >> reporter: the philadelphia school district admitted protocol was not followed. as regusters, she was being held on a $4 million bond. lesli. >> thank you. tonight we're learning new details about how former la cop
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christopher dorner died. his standoff ended tuesday when a cabin in big bear, california caught fire. and there were questions about that fire. did police start it on purpose? cbs ed lawrence is here with what really happened. >> reporter: this is the bolt action sniper rifle that chris mer dorner had with him -- christopher dorner had with him. the word vengeance could be seen on the stock. there was a bullet to his head. >> the evidence we have seems to indicate the wound that took his life was self inflicted. >> reporter: the cabin burned down after a tense fire fight with police. two deputies were shot during that gun battle. one later died. he went to the big bear after yeah after a string of -- area after a string of shootings. with deputies down and dorner
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held up inside, police tried using cold tear gas to smoke him out. >> he would not surrender. >> reporter: police radios picked up what appear to be called for gas masters that can cause fires. >> we're going to go forward with the plan. like we talked about. >> the burners deploy and we have a fire. >> reporter: shortly after the cabin caught fire, police heard what they now believe was the suicide shot. they have denied intentionally setting the cabin on fire and said this when asked about the radio calls. >> i would suggest to you that those comments were made by somebody away from the tactical team. >> reporter: they say police are looking into who might have made the remarks, and he will deal with the matter appropriately. edward lawrence for cbs news, los angeles. parts of the metro saw rain turn into snow tonight, so topper is going to stick around. >> a little bit. the next couple of hours we're going to see more snow north and west of town.
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the flakes got as close as congressional on river road just around the beltway. let's start with the radar. we'll widen it out for you. we still have a little bit of precipitation back to the south and west. notice the snow line. that is the white line. the magenta there or pink. that's the transition from rain to snow. so it is rain dc south and essentially east of i95. but to go through the night, a little colder air is going to move in. i think we're going to see snow downtown before all is said and done. is it going to stick anywhere? not really. out towards alleghany, there's a little bit of accumulation on the grassy services. germantown already reports of accumulation. south of town it looks like we may see flakes. don't expect any accumulation. the roads are going to be fine in any event. temperatures down to 34 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 37 in manassas and 38 downtown after a high today of 60. yes, it was 60. so wakeup weather, maybe a flurry at 6:00. maybe at flurry at 8:00 and then
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breezy and cold at 10:00. temperatures in the 30s across the board. we'll come back. we have a little better chance of snow on the weekend. we'll talk about that next. federal workers looking for 1-half of 1% pay race in april. a set back in the house which voted to kill even the half point increase. it's not the final word. we voted to have gary nurenberg look into it. gary. >> reporter: well, derek, the republican chairman of the house government reform committee is quoted by the washington post as saying federal employees are on average compensated 16% more than their private sector counter parts. the federal salary council has a different conclusion that federal workers are paid about 35% less than non-government workers. either way, the house voted no raise. we asked for responses on wusa9 facebook page and got some angry
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with congress. but there was this. they are already overpaid and should be glad to have a job. mike and gena parks, we can't afford to give our employees raises. linda anderson, if it helps with the budget, then, yes, i agree with it. and fact of life, we should be glad to have jobs and i'm a federal employee. again, the house voted friday to stop the half percent pay raise scheduled for april. we asked some late working federal employees about that just before 7:00 at the metro station. >> that is so sad. what do they think we live on? everything else has gone up. my mortgage has gone up. my son's rent has gone up. and i have a child with special needs. >> it is unfortunate we seem to be the scapegoats for these budget issues as if somehow the federal work force is to blame for our budget lows. and, of course, that's not the case. >> i think federal employees can
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be a convenient target for congress in situations like this because it's easy to run against -- or bash federal employees in many parts of the country, particularly parts of the country where there just aren't a lot of federal employees. >> reporter: here is the context. the house passed bill killing the raise now goes to the senate where that bill is expected to die. the pay raise is because of an executive order, and it happens unless the full congress votes to stop it. and at this point, that does not appear likely. derek. >> thank you, gary. president obama is hoping the raise is not the case for folks that made the minimum wage. he made the case in his hometown of chicago. >> today a family with two kids that works hard and relies on a minimum wage salary still lives below the poverty line. that's wrong, and we should fix
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it. we should reward an honest day's work with honest wages, and that's why we should raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour and make it a wage you can live on. >> the president also called for better job training. you know, things aren't always what they seem on twitter. a congressman received a tweet from a young woman. he responded back with i love you. well, the internet was buzzing and people started comparing him to anthony weiner. >> i only found out three years ago, but i've known since then the young lady is my daughter. and it was most appropriate that i responded to her and told her i loved her, which i do. >> now, he says he recently got to spend a couple of days with his 24-year-old daughter in memphis. he says he's glad the secret is finally out. well, in cosmic terms, you can call it a close call. maybe a very close call. that's a story that buzzed right by us this afternoon.
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>> yes. and it was one big rock. an observatory in australia caught us some pictures. this bad boy was about the size of a football field at fedex and it swooshed by within about 17,000 miles of our home planet. keep in mind, that's a lot closer than some of our satellites out there right now. good thing it didn't hit us. it was moving at a tremendous clip. about 5 miles per second. >> whoa. and then there was the one that did hit. a meteor about the size of a bus traveling even faster. 20 miles a second. it exploded over russia today and, boy, did they feel the shock wave. out on the street, inside the classroom, even right in their own living room. [ explosion ] . [ yelling ] . >> i hear this loud bang kind of in a building on the 23ready
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floorrd and it was incredible. >> hundreds were hurt by all of the flying glass when the shock wave shattered thousands of windows. don't go anywhere, we have the story of a man whose embarrassing moves landed her behind bars. and jesse jackson junior in really big trouble tonight accused of spending thousands of dollars in campaign funds on his own personal stuff. wait until you hear what
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hey anon!! i'm b,e lk ath taste... i d urax. i thghyowe aaxxpt? majotastesdvti foprars toy,'m mteplbe withnoaxxpiee necear" aturta y oy taner frompa e otaatrns- l alaxxpts ..hah&blk or a alotr jotastes prosecutors say they will likely charge a woman in connection with the murder of an elderly man in alexandria. the 45-year-old marie johnson and today she went before a judge charged with robbing a man's home back in november. she had been a tenant. johnson is now implicated in the murder of the man, 94-year-old joe wars, a stepson found his body on wednesday. well, prosecutors in south africa are seeking premeditated
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murder charges against the double amputee sprinter who made headlines. he broke down crying today in court. he's accused of killing his model girlfriend on valentine's day. well, did your mom ever embarrass you in front of your classmates? we're guessing whatever she did, it was not as bad as what this woman did. the 24-year-old new york mom was arrested today for stripping at her child's school. that's right. during an assembly, she got on stage. started shaking her stuff and taking off her clothes. she looked a little odd in the picture, doesn't she? she is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and public lewdness. >> yikes. a former congressman jesse jackson junior was charged with conspiracy and fraud after allegedly stealing 3-quarters of a million dollars to fund a lavish lifestyle. we have the details. >> reporter: investigators say that first the doors and furniture were delivered to the home of former congressman jesse
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jackson junior here in northwest dc. and they say apparently he racked up quite an impressive display of memorabilia that they'll have to get back after being hit with fraud and conspiracy charges today. ♪ music playing >> reporter: van haylen guitar also used by michael jackson. -- van halen guitar also used by michael jackson. getting slapped with fraud and conspiracy charges, crisis. jesse jackson junior served 18 years in congress representing the south side of chicago. he made headlines mysteriously dropping off the radar last june. it was revealed he was struggling with bipolar disorder. the son of civil rights leader reverend jesse jackson officially resigned from congress in november. his wife now former chicago alderman sandy could be seen at his side. she was charged today with one
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count of filing false tax returns. but it's the alleged 3-quarters of a million dollars swiped from campaign funds that is the most eye popping. a $43,000 gold plated men's rolex watch, almost $10,000 worth of children's furniture. more than $5,000 worth of fur capes and parkas. and more than $11,000 worth of martin luther king, jr. memorabilia. and there's more. it all dates back to 2005. jackson issued a statement today apologizing for his errors in judgment and went on to say "while my journey is not yet complete, it is my hope that i am remembered for the things that i did right". >> jackson is expected to plead guilty at his next court date. he could face up to a maximum of 5 years in prison. his wife sandy could face up to a maximum of three. and so tonight, jesse jackson junior is by all accounts about to join the
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disappointingly long line of corrupt politicians headed off for a jail cell. but derek says this time it's personal. what do you mean? >> well, you know, lesli, this is particularly sad for me. i knew jesse junior. we actually met back in the 90s. not too long after he had been elected. we went to lunch and i began to get to know him. he was smart, charismatic, ambitious, but i found him to be keenly aware of his famous dad's reputation for how can i say this craving the spotlight. and he talked about how he wanted to be a lawmaker. i've only had two press conferences since i've been there he told me. and jackson reportedly only missed two floor votes his entire first 13 years in office. i also hold him speak often of his daughter and how important it was to be a good role model for her. now, if you're looking at me for answers how the man i'm describing is going to plead guilty for taking campaign cash, including a $4,500 michael
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jackson fedora, i have no clue. but i know our politicians are selfish and greedy and they're only in the game for what they can get out of it. but perhaps it's also helpful to remember that often times they did not start out that way, which perhaps makes tonight's story even sadder as well. lesli. >> all right. let's talk about something that you were sort of kind of getting a little excited about. >> oh, no, no. >> maybe just -- >> no, no. >> you weren't. >> no. flake by flake, you said. >> okay. >> that's exactly what we're doing. 60 degrees today. now, we do have a chance for some snow showers overnight. again, another chance tomorrow. maybe a flurry on sunday. it's not going to add up to much. let's start with a live look outside. and we have light rains downtown. we're down to 38, so it's falling pretty fast really. the dew point, though, is still above freezing. that's kind of key because that means it's going to stay above freezing downtown. the roads are going to be wet tomorrow morning. the exception could be north and
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west again. we could have black ice again north and west of town early on saturday morning. here is a look at the radar. can you see mostly snow west of -- you can see mostly snow west of dc. the back edge of the precipitation close to us. we have a couple hours of light rain and snow. the snow is moving southward. again, we saw the change over as close as the beltway along river road and back into the reston area. and there are reports of an inch or so north of clarksburg up into frederick primarily on grassy surfaces. that's really just about it. here is the latest image. we're seeing now the mixture, the line right along the border of the beltway. and i think even downtown and maybe even just between dc and waldorf you'll probably see some flakes tonight before the precipitation pulls out. so snow showers possible saturday. but a better chance along the delmarva, believe it or not. now, a flurry or snow shower possible on sunday. that's for a different reason. we're watching a coastal storm for tomorrow.
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and erica will keep a close eye on this. because 60 miles to the west would make a huge difference. right now there's a chance for snow showers for us. and then sunday a little upper level disturbance could give us a snow shower. and then wind chills on sunday, temperatures will be in the 30s but dress for the 20s. it's going to be a blustery day. overnight, breezy and cold. showers and snow showers. winds picking up northerly at 10-15 and lows in the 30s. and, again, above freezing downtown. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, breezy, cold. maybe a flurry, maybe a snow showers. temps don't move much. 30s-40s. by the afternoon, we have to keep flurries in or snow shower. you have a better chance actually down towards st. mary's county of seeing a little bit of snow tomorrow. highs only 37 to 42, so temperatures really don't move at all. and winds northerly at 10-15. it's going to be breezy both saturday and sunday. but really blustery on sunday. 9 weather alerts will remain green because of that. snow showers possible. 40 on saturday. don't think you have to change
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your plans. maybe a snow shower or flurry on sunday. 36 for a high. and on monday, president's day, very nice. temps down just a little bit. but a pretty nice day. now, on tuesday, we do have rain in. there is a slight chance of rain. the onset of precipitation could be a mix. we'll keep you posted on that. and then the wake of that, we're in pretty good shape on wednesday. just chilly, sunshine, low 40s. back in the mid 40s on thursday. and next friday it may be a little warm here, but temperatures will still approach 50 with sunshine next friday. and, of course, derek is counting down the weeks we go by without a big snow. and winter is maybe at a pulse. >> it's passing us by. >> it is. >> quickly. and we have no greater sign of that than the spring training of the nationals. >> how about dave owens. the guy is living the good life down there in florida. [ laughing ] >> he is. >> you got that. >> the nationals are soaking up the sun in florida, but that's not all. they're also enjoying life at the top. dave owens joins us with that story from florida when 9 sports
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comes ri
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. time for sports, live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> the nationals have come a long way since the days of playing dukes lasting pania. contending for a play off spot seems hopeless. dave owens is in florida with the nats and has more on the expectations of the defending national league east champs. >> reporter: first squad practice isn't until sunday, but trust me, folks, there is work going on here. for the first time in franchise history, the nats are the hunted. so old guys, young guys and new guys, they're getting down to business early. >> we wanted to work harder and get better and then continue to improve to show that last year wasn't a fluke. >> now it's like we have these expectations. if you don't live up to them,
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it's almost a failure. >> reporter: in 2013, bryce harper will do what for this baseball team? >> hopefully hold the trophy at the end. >> we're very confident in our club, and right now all we're doing is getting our arms ready. >> reporter: the team agreed to terms for the 2013 season and thus avoiding arbitration. all right. so the plan for tomorrow, more prep work, physicals, guys getting ready to go. and then on sunday, again, first official full squad practice, and we'll have it for you then. dave owens, wusa9. >> thanks, dave. no team in the big east is hotter than georgetown. the hoyas have won six straight. but tonight the streak was put to the test. facing cincinnati, a team that beat georgetown four straight times. to the queen city we go where it was a tight one for jtiii and the hoyas. tie game. coming up huge. buries the 3. that gave georgetown the lead
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for good. hoyas win it 62-55. all star weekend. the wizards bradley beel playing in the rising star's challenge, and beel did not disappoint. first half beel finishes with the slam. then later check out the pass by ricky rubrio. that is pretty. beel on the receiving end. team shack 163-135. high school basketball game of the week taking us to rockville. that's where rockville christian was hosting bellevue. gang getting it done. off to miss. baylor delivers the shot. mustangs dominating the board and the game and the outside shot doesn't fall. doesn't matter. williams there with a putback. they cruise to the win. the final 66-45 montrose christian always good and they were good again tonight.
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>> are you sure those are only high school kids? >> i was just thinking the same thing. >> they're s hey anon!! i'm b,e lk ath taste... i d urax. i thghyowe aaxxpt? majotastesdvti foprars toy,'m mteplbe withnoaxxpiee necear" aturta y oy taner frompa e otaatrns- l alaxxpts

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